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About Mity

Vincent Van Gogh once said, ‘I dream my painting, then I paint my dream.’ Mity’s work is analogous to it. ‘Painting is a dream’ says Mity, ‘-a dream that I see with colors in my eyes’. Mity’s every stroke on her canvas speak a language by which only a heart seeking comfort, a heart seeking love, a heart seeking warmth and solace can relate to. The sublimity of her brushes’ strokes with each fine layer, unravel a depth visible to the eyes looking for it.

She uses glass as her canvas and alcohol ink, acrylic as her main choice of medium along with oil pastels. She complements her art with textures from modeling paste, fabrics, and various other natural elements. She experiments on varied levels and each time she enacts a magnificent piece of art.

Currently she is a collective member of the Art Gallery of SnoValley in Snoqualmie, Washington. Please visit the gallery if you want to enjoy her recent artworks. 

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